Precautions And Safety Tips While Basking In The Sun

It is summer and it won't be correct to stop you from lazing around on the beach or the pool. The outdoors do hold a special attraction for us at this time. But, do remember to be careful! It is in your best interest to follow certain guidelines and tips while out in the sun.

  • Do not try to get the perfect tan in a day. It is virtually impossible to do so. Rather, it will just burn your skin. So, try and cover up at least with a cotton cloth. Don't worry. Eventually, you will get a tan.

  • Fair-skinned or those with a sensitive skin should not expose themselves to too much of sun in a single session. It will take time to get used to it. So, do not do it for more than 10-15 minutes if it is for the first time that you are exposing your body to the sun. Later on, as your body gets used to it, you can manage up to 3-4 hours out in the sun.

  • Try and avoid the sun between 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. as it is at its harshest at this time.

  • Do apply loads of sunscreen and sun-block lotions. And keep reapplying it every few hours. This is good for children as well for those who may not tan or burn easily but still may require a good application of sunscreen. It seems that the ancient practice of applying olive oil before sunning oneself is unwanted if one practices intelligent sunning.

  • Also, if you are out in the sun for too long it is advisable to add fish and olive oil to your diet. They seem to make your body more capable of handling the harsh rays of the sun. 
  • Do not forget to wear sunglasses that shield your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Apart from it do wear wide-brimmed hats for extra protection. This is especially for those who do not want a very dark tan on their face. Occasional exposure of face and hair to the sunlight is alright as well as beneficial but too much of it is a strict no-no.
  • The dangers of being out too much in the sun are quite well-known. So, it is important to take steps to avoid the same since signs of skin cancer may strike even years after your fun and frolic in the sun is over. So do keep that in mind and take adequate protection.

  • Visit your doctor if a skin irritation persists. There are other signs of over-sunning which may manifest themselves as headache, fatigue or an upset stomach. The hot mid-day sun may even lead to fever, headache, lethargy, drowsiness, loss of appetite as well as burning and itching of the skin. There is also a possibility of a sun stroke or a heat stroke.

In fact, the best way of sunning is to rest in the shade. One will gradually acquire a deep tan without the dangers of being too much in the sun. Over-tanning and thus burning yourself in the process is to be avoided at all costs.