Are Tanning Beds Bad For You?

Are tanning beds bad for you? This question often strikes in mind when you visit your local tanning salon. Most of the people prefer going to tanning salons to escape the damages of suntanning. But, whether they are safe is still a question.

Before planning to attain the lovely designer skin in these local salons, just look into the problems related to these tanning beds. Instead of bestowing a tan brown look on you, the improper use of tanning beds can spoil your actual look too. In order to follow the fashion or to be a hip chick, you visit these local tanning salons owning improper tanning beds which cause problems to you and to your health.

The most common reason behind the goof up is unawareness. Inadequate knowledge of how much time you should actually spend in the tanning bed leaves many people burnt or charred. In order to gain the best results, most of the people over tan themselves through over exposure to UV or ultraviolet rays emitted by the tanning bed lights. It results in skin cancer or permanent damage to the skin. The local tanning salons use cheap tanning beds with cheap quality acrylic sheets, which fail to protect the customer from damages.

UVA rays emitted by the indoor tanning bed lamps and bulbs are responsible for these damages or disorders. Sometimes, users are also well known to these problems but they still overlook it because they are often misguided by the tanning salon owners. They have to do their business and increase their sales. Thus, they don't hesitate at all in misguiding their customers by not telling them the actual truth. But, your skin is very important to you. Once it gets damaged, it will be damaged forever. So, you have to take care of it !