Are Tanning Beds Healthy?

Are tanning beds healthy, is the most frequent question asked by any tanner. The horror stories related with tanning bed have made many tanners think again before tanning their skin. The questions like, is there any danger in tanning beds, do tanning beds cause skin cancer, have puzzled many people.

Though skin care experts or dermatologists say that sunless tanning in tanning bed is safe but, only if it is carried out properly while keeping in view the full pros and cons. The most common reason behind the controversies and the damages is the unawareness. People don't know how much time they should actually spend in the tanning bed. They keep on tanning themselves unless and until they get what they desire. Their craze for getting the best results makes them tan their skin in excess. This type of over exposure to UV or ultraviolet rays in the tanning bed lights may cause skin cancer.

Sometimes, the use of bad quality lotions and equipment also results in skin damages. Usage of cheap acrylic sheets and cheap tanning beds by local tanning salons can not provide sufficient security to the customer and thus results in skin cancer. Therefore, one should use the bed as per the direction of physician or skin care expert. Most of the tips given by these experts state that you should keep your eyes safe by wearing proper goggles during a tanning session. Restrict your tanning sessions otherwise you may burn your skin. Make use of a branded tanning lotion. Own tanning bed to avoid any type of infection.

Tanning beds can be healthy if you use them in a healthy manner. If used as directed by the physician, they will never be bad for you. Now, I hope you got the answer of your question- are tanning beds healthy?