Bare Sun Bathing

Bare sun bathing is sought to get the desired brown tan of the skin by increasing the melanin content. But, there have been the dangers of diseases like melanoma, acne and sunburn associated with bare sun bathing. I have seen people often ask, "What is bare sun bathing?" Bare sun bathing is getting a sunbath lying naked under the sun, either on beaches meant for naked sun bathing or near private pools.

The benefits of sun bathing are as follows:

* Sun rays have ultraviolet radiations of two kinds- UVA and UVB which are helpful to your skin. The UVA rays help in building the immune system stronger and the other one helps in synthesizing vitamin D in our body which is needed for bones, teeth, and other metabolic activities.
* Sun is the primary source of our energy and it also keeps our body free from micro organisms that cause various diseases.
* Sun light gives the freshness to our mind and also rejuvenates the body.

Sun bathing is harmful, if it is done in a wrong way. The penetration of ultraviolet rays must be controlled or else it will cause fatal diseases. Tips for bare sunbathing are as follows:

* Sunbathing should be done before ten o'clock in the morning. During this time, the intensity of the sun is less and it won't cause sunburns.
* Half an hour is enough for the body.
* Use sunscreen lotions to nourish the skin and to prevent sunburn.
* Wear sun glasses to protect the eyes.
* Walk with surf sandals, if you roam around near the beach.