Why Does Your Tanning Salon Always Verify That You Are wearing A Tanning Eyewear?

Indoor tanning is a very effective way to tan in a controlled environment. You can get an even tan on your body through devices such as- tanning beds and sunlamps, which produce ultraviolet rays similar to those produced by the sunlight. However, the strength of the ultraviolet rays produced from a tanning device is much greater than the strength of ultraviolet rays present in the natural sunlight.

The ultraviolet rays produced by a tanning device can cause severe damage to your eyes. This is the reason why tanning salons supply proper eye protection for tanning. Some provide you with goggle straps with deeply tinted viewing holes, while others provide you with disposable eye shields made of aluminum.

If you do not wear any eye protection, the ultraviolet rays can penetrate deep into the eyes. The ultraviolet B rays may go through the cornea and cause painful corneal burns. They may also penetrate the eye lens or retina thereby causing cataracts, retinal burns or other internal eye damage. The long-term exposure to ultraviolet light may also give rise to macular degeneration, night blindness or conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis causes excessive working of your tear glands, which causes the growth of a crusty in the matter eye. This crusty matter can impair your vision and cause other hazardous problems.

Another serious problem that might arise by not wearing tanning eyewear is malignant melanoma (cancer of the eye).

Keeping the eyelids closed does not protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays. If you do not wear an eye protection gear and just close your eyes during indoor tanning, several injurious symptoms will be immediately visible in most of the cases. These symptoms include reddishness and itching of the eyes.

Even the towels, sunglasses or cotton balls do not provide ample protection to your eyes. They cannot block the ultraviolet rays effectively to prevent damage to your eyes.

Your indoor tanning saloon is mandated by law to provide you with eyewear that provides 99 percent protection from ultraviolet A rays, 99.9 protection from ultraviolet B rays and allows visible light to pass through the lens to enable the tanner to look around.

Eyewear not only protects your eyes but also the skin located around the eyes. If the skin that protects your eyes is exposed to ultraviolet rays for prolonged periods, the skin cells can get damaged. This may give rise to wrinkles and premature ageing.

There are many people who do not find it hygienic to wear UV protection gar provided by thew tanning salons. If you too are one of them then you can buy your own pair of tanning eyewear. Many salons directly sell such eyewear and it is also easily available in the market. This will assure you that your eyewear does not have any dirt or infectious germs on it.