Is Tanning Bed Safe?

Is tanning bed safe? It is the most frequently asked question of the tanners. The controversies around the tanning beds have made many tanners think again on their desire of attaining the tan brown look. They are left struggling with the questions like- are we safe in tanning beds? Are tanning beds responsible for skin cancer? There are so many questions regarding this. Here are the answers to some of these questions.

Skin care experts or dermatologists have shown green flag to sunless tanning done in tanning beds. According to them, you may get the same result by spending 10 minutes in a tanning bed as you may get by tanning in sun while sunbathing. But, in the latter case, you may damage your skin. Tanning beds are available in two varieties. One in which you can tan yourself by standing and the other where you have to lie down to tan yourself. They come in wide range of prices, which lie between $200 to $2-3,000.

But, the question still remains unanswered whether they are actually safe or not. If used as directed by the physician or skin care expert, they are safe but an improper usage can seriously lead you in to trouble.

Some of the safe tips are:

- Always wear safety eyewear when going for tanning session.
- Don't stay for too long in the tanning bed otherwise you may burn your skin.
- Always use the branded tanning lotion to tan your skin.
- Keep your initial tanning sessions short.
- Try to have your own tanning bed to avoid the risk of any infection.

Use the following advices and follow your dermatologist's guidelines to attain the best services of tanning beds.