Residential Tanning Beds Make It Easy!

The residential tanning beds are the indoor tanning beds for home use, and they are somewhat different from the commercial tanning beds used at salons. You can relax and tan your body in comfort without any hassle. The residential tanning beds are easy to use and the body tan is not a tiresome job from any angle with cool features added to them.

There are various residential tanning beds avaialble from manufacturers like Spiritz, Spa capsule, Solar Storm, Azure etc. Have a look at some of the models and theirs features:

1. Solar Storm 16R Tanning Bed and Solar Storm 24R Tanning Bed from Solar Storm

  • The design completely tans over fast.
  • Has frame made of aluminum that ensures long durability.
  • There are eight output lamps in the bench, four lamps for facial tan.
  • Aluminum reflectors for efficient tanning.
  • 10-year extended warranty on electrical components to reduce your tensions.

2. Soleo 10V

  • Great comfortable beds.
  • There are adjustable canopies with electrical grids.
  • It has a diffuse reflector system.
  • Ten lamps.
  • Canopy grid.
  • Adjustable Maximum Exposure Time of 30 Minutes.
  • 120 Volts.

3. Soleo 16

  • Solid bed with curved canopy for tanning the whole body regularly.
  • Sixteen lamps in total.
  • Four face tan enhancing lamps.
  • Thirty minutes of adjustable Maximum Exposure Time.
  • 120 Volts.

Tanning beds keep an accurate track of the time so that a sunburn doesn't occur. The type of your skin is very important since the tanning ability of a person is genetically controlled and no alteration takes place in it. The tanning beds are manufactured for simulating the natural tanning process of sun in a clean, convenient, and comfortable environment. The skin is damaged by ultraviolet radiations of the sun causing melanoma, a skin cancer but, a tanning bed protects you against heavy penetration of the ultraviolet rays thus giving moderate radiations regulated by timings of auto shut off.

Sunscreens are though partially effective but the intensity of the radiations of sun may not bow down to penetrate deeper. Consult a pharmacist or dermatologist before using a tanning bed because you may not be genetically fit for it and without proper knowledge of the tanning methods, you may create problems for yourself.

Follow certain measures while you use one of them:

1. Don't overuse it.
2. Always wear eye protection like the goggles made specially for tanning routines.
3. Try not to have any direct contact with the bulbs.
4. Take the help of an attendant if you are using it for the first time.
5. Massage a proper tanning lotion.