Some facts about Tanning Beds

Since tanning beds emit UV radiation, they are also called as sun beds. There are several cosmetic reasons for this emission and the one of the main cosmetic reasons is artificial tanning or sunless tanning. Tanning beds usually come in two formats. These two formats are horizontal tanning bed and vertical tanning bed.

The use of horizontal tanning bed is generally found in commercial and residential settings and they have a lid lined with tubular UV lamps. They also have a glass or plastic bench as an accessory which is meant to give optimal relaxation. You can lie down on the horizontal bed. After this, just close the lid. This will give permission to UV rays to pass through the skin. You need to turn the body in case of even tanning halfway through the session.

Presently, vertical tanning beds are very popular and are very much in demand. These are also called tanning or stand up booths and are easy to handle. Theses tanning beds work very efficiently. The interior of the vertical tanning beds consists of UV bulbs which emit radiations and are in a 360 degree pattern. The first step is to move inside and close the door. Your body will be exposed to UV rays from all angles and sides and there is no need to turn the body halfway in a session.

High pressure tanning beds are also very much popular these days and in much demand. The reason for this is that these beds emit more tanning rays and less burning rays. These beds are fitted with quartz lamps which makes the internal air pressure high compared to the traditional UV lamps. In case you want to have either dark or intermediate skin tones, high pressure beds are best suitable for you.

All ultraviolet lamps come with the UVB percentage which is clearly mentioned on them. In case the lamp is marked, six percent UVB, this means that it emits this much UB rays and ninety four percent UVA rays. Such an amount of radiation leads to brown skin. Since it does not burn the skin, it proves to be less harmful and at the end of the day, you will love the tanning with high pressure bed.