Starting A Tanning Salon

Starting a tanning salon is a smart choice in business particularly when people are day by day getting attracted towards the sunless tanning. Starting a tanning salon needs some prior knowledge about tanning and its products. The tanning products for a tanning salon are manufactured by various companies for providing better tan to its customers. While you go for starting a tanning salon, the first thing you take care of, is the market space and its accessibility to the customers. A good site and ambience is a plus point for the tanning salon. The next thing is the tanning booth and the products you use. Customer satisfaction will increase your business and you will have swarm of them visiting you.

There are various models of tanning beds for a salon between the price range of $5000 to $9500. Various manufacturers are there for the commercial tanning beds with different features. Some of the well known products are: Tropical Rayz Standard Frame Pro Model, PerfectTAN BIG Frame Pro Model, Solar Storm 24C Tanning Beds SunQuest 14SE Wolff Tanning Beds, SunStar ZX30, and alike are imbibed with various features.

Some features of the bronzing tanners that you can get for your tanning salon are as follows:

* A standard frame with bed dimensions of 77" x 35", or 87" x 35".

* They are durable, dependable and affordable.
* Metal construction with ultra power lamps and tunnel technology for efficient tanning.
* The ultra polished reflective system gives maximum performance.
* The lamp temperature cools down quickly for the next use.
* Expected a life span of 10-15 years.

After the beds, there are other tanning products that you need for your tanning salon. Tanning products like lotions, facial tanners and other essential oils are always needed for a tanning salon. The next important thing is that if you are not yourself giving the tanning session to your customers then you need to employ a tanning professional. Thus, starting a tanning salon is very easy.