Tanning Beds - Get your facts straight Or Suffer the Consequences

When you go about something which is in style, you should also go into the pros and cons. A lot of people are highly conscious about their looks and they do everything possible to achieve their goal. After getting their desired bronze sun tan, they feel they are on the top of the world. These people hardly take into consideration the risks of health and they simply go in for bed tanning.

While using the tanning beds, the
skin gets affected and the impact becomes all the more when the skin is a little bit more delicate like teens. Since teens do not pay heed to the advice of their elders, they definitely land themselves in some trouble. A major scientific research has been carried out in the area of tanning. After getting to know about the risks involved, a lot of people have abandoned their tanning beds lately.

Now it is a well established fact that the tanning either by tanning beds or by sun is equally harmful and has become the prime cause of skin cancer. Tanning causes premature aging and skin damage. Tanning bed is the prime source of ultra violet rays which help in tanning the skin. People, after getting tan are just happy looking at themselves as a new avatar but they hardly realize that the long term side effects on the skin are harmful. These effects get worse when you expose yourself to tanning bed for pretty long time durations.

Tanning has an alarming effect on children below 16 years of age. These children should definitely avoid tanning beds. The main cause is that younger people have softer skin which increases the intensity of damage because of the tanning beds. In case, the skin cancer run in the family due to genetic problems, you need to be very careful before you use tanning beds. Even people under 18 years of age should abstain from the use of tanning beds.

It is also a fact that the fair skin people suffer greater risk because of tanning. So, consult the doctor in case you see any symptoms. In any case, the tanning salon is safer because it does not allow you to be in the tanning bed for long.