Tanning Pills

For the quest of a perfect tan, some people try all options available, even the tanning pills that help them achieve this, with or without minimal exposure to ultraviolet radiation. But, there has been a controversy regarding the use of the pills; some accept them as better than other tanning methods while the rest challenge their effective tanning capability.

The tanning pills enable you to get a beautiful dark golden tan without exposing hours under the sun or spending reasonable time in tanning beds. There is always a risk of UV rays which may cause burning, skin cancer and even premature aging. They claim that the pills enable the body to produce more melanin to have the darker tan.

Tanning pills come in two varieties: a) Tanning enhancement pills and b) Self tanning pills.

The former contains amino acids which help the body to produce melanin for giving the brown tan. Taking these pills only will not be sufficient, you also need to go under the sun or lie down in a tanning bed. They will make the regulation of tanning faster. The faster the tan, the less is the exposure to harmful ultraviolet radiations. They further suggest the use of appropriate sunscreen lotions to avoid sunburns.

The later is an organic, natural, nutritional supplement. Using these kind of pills saves your time of going out in the sun or tanning in the booths. They naturally stimulate the melonocytes to release more and more melanin to give the tan. They give deeper bronzing to your skin.

All the tanning pills are not approved by the FDA, only those having cathaxanthin as color additive are recommended for limited usage. Don't buy any products with the notion of getting the desired tan. Before you start taking tanning pills, consult your doctor regarding its effects. After use, if you find something alarming, stop it and get back in touch with your family doctor. Because, tanning depends basically on the genes and they cannot be altered.