Tanning Myths

Here is a list of the myths most commonly associated with tanning.

Myth no. 1: Too much of tanning 'fries' your internal organs.
Fact: The reality is that something like this just can not happen. The UV rays, if absorbed in an uncontrolled dose can penetrate your skin but that's about as far as they can go. It may lead to skin cancer but there is absolutely no chance that your internal organs may get 'fried'.

Myth No. 2: You can contract AIDS after using a tanning bed.
Fact: It is absolute crap that some people believe in. The AIDS virus is transmitted only by bodily secretions about which there should be almost no risk on a tanning bed. The possibility is "extremely remote". Moreover, the professional tanning salons do sanitize the bed after each use. If you have some doubt, ask them to do so in front of you.

Myth No. 3: Skin tanning can cause melanoma.
Fact: The fact is that excess of anything is bad. Although melanoma is not directly linked to skin cancer but it is very obvious that even excess of sun will prove to be bad in the long run. So, what is advisable is a controlled, moderate exposure to the sun to develop a gradual tan which actually is protective.

Myth No. 4: Any kind of sun exposure can lead to skin cancer.
Fact: This statement holds good up to some extent but not completely. It is not actually sun exposure which leads to skin cancer but sunburn. Moreover, human beings do need sunshine to survive and thrive. There are other factors which have been attributed to skin cancer. These include heredity and diet.

Myth No. 5: Indoor tanning is riskier than outdoor tanning.
Fact: We can not say that indoor tanning is riskier than outdoor tanning. But the fact is that uncontrolled levels of anything are harmful. So, even while using a tanning bed indoors, you do have to take care that there is no overexposure to the UV rays. The timer has to be set and tanning done accordingly. UV rays in excess, whether from the sun or a tanning bed can prove harmful.