Tanning Bed Lotion

There is a great variety of Tanning Bed lotions are available in the market. A tanning bed lotion is an effective way to reduce the harm caused by UVA and UVB radiation, either from exposure to sunlight or artificial light. You can select tanning bed lotion with bronzers, cooling effects, or tingle factor or all of them in proportionate combination.

There are  manufacturers, which formulate customized  lotions according to skin type and needs. These lotions are available with a  warranty period. A lot of care goes into the preparation of these lotions. The ingredients are safe and natural and have been selected after intensive research. The lotions do not contain any artificial colors or preservatives. The companies behind these lotions assure the patron a natural look, in a natural way.

The following are some examples of products, which are sought after by customers.

DS Ray of Light: The manufacturer claims to provide  an orange peel skin. This lotion has been rated as one of the favorites with consumers. The formulation contains Phytoage  , Alpha Lipoic acid and copper. These ingredients have anti-ageing effects and provide the sought after bronze tan. The price of a bottle is $50.

Designer Skin Spellbound: Use this brand for the most effective tan. It makes use of ingredients such as Erythrulose, black walnut and DHA. This lotion is formulated to provide for a dark tan. It is priced at $60 a bottle.

Supre Stiletto Warming Dual Bronzer: This lotion contains black walnut, DHA, cocoa, red clover and green tea. It gives a deep dark tan. The green tea is effective in reducing cellulite on the skin. The retail price of the bottle is at $50.