Is Tanning Really Harmful?

Earlier I used to think that tanning was better than the sun. But the reality is just the opposite. It really is not safer any more.

Today, you will find that most tanning beds only contain UVA rays, which causes burning. But as per the new research, UVA rays even could be more fatal than this.

According to Vic Narurkar, CPMC dermatologist: “We don't know how intense these are because they're not regulated. And it's a very concentrated amount of ultra-violet A. It could be ten-fold, twenty-fold, a hundred-fold. You're filtering a very narrow band of light that's a potent carcinogen.”

So, be a little considerate and find safer alternatives of the indoor tanning, if you are really obsessed with the bronzed look. Remember! Mistakes never go unpunished.