Risks Involved In Tanning Bed Usage

Not so long ago, the tanning beds were considered as one of the best ways to be good looking. With extensive research however, it has been found that there are a number of risks involved with the usage of tanning beds. These risks include but are not limited to overexposure caused by the harmful ultraviolet radiation, skin damage and in extreme cases eve skin cancer.

A number of people consider that the tanning beds are a safer alternative in comparison the traditional sun based tanning methods. The truth is that both can be equally damaging and in case of unmonitored usage of tanning beds, the risks involved in it increase exponentially. It is not only, the skin which is damaged due to harmful effects of tanning bed usage. Even your eyes are at risk. It is very important to protect your skin and eyes when you are about to use tanning beds.

Do you know that while the sunless tanning beds are supposed to make our skin look better, they are not really effective at doing this for a long time. On the contrary, you would notice that your skin starts to suffer from aging and a number of other problems like rashes and sun burns if you do not take the appropriate usage precautions.

The biggest threat of the sunless tanning beds however lies in their ability to cause skin cancer when used in a prolonged manner without the appropriate protection being taken. This has become one of the major concerns of the FDA. The FDA has therefore imposed stringent restrictions and regulations on the production and sale of the sunless tanning beds. 

If you want to remain safe from the various mal-effects caused by the sunless tanning beds, you must observe some basic things. First of all you must make sure not to use the sunless tanning beds very frequently. Go for the traditional sunbath, if you can manage it. Secondly use all the required protection methods like lotions and goggles before you step in the tanning bed. finally make sure that the tanning bed is kept in pristine condition and follow all the manufacturer recommendations about keeping and using them.