Self Tanners- Selecting the Best Route to Dusky You

"Tan, tan, tan"… fashionistas all across the globe have been chanting this mantra to look sexy for quite some time now. The golden sun breezed look has been the hippest thing this season both on the runway and off it. Dusky beauties have been flaunting their sexy tan in the fashion circles of late. So when the world is gaga over the dusky look, how can you and me help but stay away. And with self tanners at aid, there is absolutely no reason to shy away from getting a tan.

But hey, is every tom, dick and harry self tanner for you? Well, not really. Tanning may be just another fashion fad but you can't afford to be even one step careless about it as it concerns your skin. Here is a run down of the best self tanners that will offer you the perfect route to go dusky.

Best Self tanning Products for Your Face

1. Laura Mercier Bronzer. This one may be a little more expensive than other bronzers that are available in the market but it is well worth the price. A 'just tanned' look with that shimmery rose touch gives you an outstanding warm look.

2. Estee Lauder Go Tan Towelettes for Face and Decolletage. What if you could use facial wipes to get that highly desirable tan? Amused? Well, this product from Estee Lauder gives you that impeccable tan by simply sweeping facial wipes across your face. So you can get than tan in a matter of few seconds right at your desk.

3. Lancome Flash Bronzer Instant Bronze Glow for the Face. It smells nice, gives a decent golden glow and is enriched with skin softening vitamin E. You will never regret giving this product a try.

4. Chanel Perfecting Bronzer. If you want your tan to be absolutely perfect, then this perfecting bronzer from Chanel is all that you need. Follow up your self tanner with this bronzer on the forehead, cheeks and nose for that perfect look.

Best Self Tanning Products for Your Body

1. Clarins Lait Auto-Bronzant. This self tanner has been attested by many. While most tanners are gel based, this self tanner is more like milky cream that spreads evenly and offers the perfect tan. Dabble this with a bit of moisturizer and you could even use it on your face.

2. Lancome Flash Bronzer Magic Mousse. If you are looking for an instant tan, then this Lancome product will perfectly meet your needs. A super hydrating mousse, it gives instant color and within an hour you shall have a fully developed tan.

3. Origins Great Pretender. Use this body gel and get that golden brown tan. The best part about this tanner is that it is composed mostly of natural ingredients so the risk involved is fairly lesser.
Why settle for mediocre ways to get tanned when you have the best to serve you in the process of looking sexier?