Tanning Facts

Though tanning beds are used quite popularly these days, it is still believed nothing beats natural tanning.

You do not have to make your tanning another one of those exhausting tasks by shelling out cash every now and then at the tanning salon.
The sun's radiation can be broadly classified into visible light, infra red radiation and ultra violet light. It is ultra violet or UV radiation out of all three that affects the tanning process.
Tanning pills claim to enhance skin colouring with minimal sun exposure. They work by affecting the skin pigmentation on a purely biochemical level. They are surely a great way to get tanned.
Tanning is not just about getting that sun kissed look to stay abreast with the latest trends. It is also about being able to relax and rejuvenate.
Indoor tanning is certainly an option to get tanned in a much more controlled fashion. You can regulate a lot many factors which is generally not the case with outdoor tanning.
Over exposure to UV rays might harm your skin and that is the reason why tanning salons let you get tanned for a fixed duration. And, that is quite right too!
The ultraviolet rays produced by a tanning device can cause severe damage to your eyes. This is the reason why tanning salons supply proper eye protection before you go for a tan.
Drug-induced photosensitive reaction occurs when you take certain medications or apply particular chemicals to your skin and expose it to certain wavelengths of radiation from the sunlight or tanning devices.
A tanned skin is everybody's wish. It increases the sex appeal of a person. However, tanning the skin requires a lot of patience, time and of course, and use of safe tanning methods.
Skin tanning happens in two ways. One is immediate while the other is gradual. So, which one should you opt for? Find out the best way for yourself!
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