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High Pressure Tanning Beds | Indoor Tanning | Tanning Tips
In the recent times, a new type of tanning beds has started to gain popularity. These new beds are the high pressure tanning beds. They are able to provide a great tanning experience on any kin type. But the biggest advantage is that they do not use the harmful, type B ultraviolet rays to give you a skin tan. These high pressure tanning beds come with a radiation filter system which filters out and stops the UVB rays from passing. No radiation means no radiation caused damage to your skin.

This is possible because instead of using the traditional tanning bed lamps that are made using a phosphor coating, the bulbs used in high pressure tanning bed are made of different material. They use a ultraviolet light quartz lamps. These lamps are attached behind a rather expensive glass filter. The glass filter is so designed that only those ultraviolet rays can pass through which have a defined wavelength.

The term high pressure is used because the gases that are trapped in the quartz lamps are packed in at pressure which is more than the normal atmospheric pressure levels. On the other hand the lamps that are used in the traditional tanning beds are trapped at pressure levels that are lower than the normal atmospheric pressure levels. These high pressure tanning beds also come with a secondary filtering system that removes most of the rays of infrared spectrum.

Moreover these high pressure tanning beds have a number of advantages when it comes to getting a base tan. The high pressure tanning beds take a lower time and deliver good quality results when it comes to getting and maintaining a good base tan.

The high pressure tanning beds need not be used twice a week.  Within just three to five sessions, you would get  a great looking base tan. After this you would only be required to use the high pressure tanning beds two or three times in a month or so.

While the high pressure tanning beds might seem a bit expensive in the first go, they are a new technology and very soon it would become equally affordable as the conventional tanning beds.
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